Monday, February 28, 2011

The Very Thought of You

A lackluster winter vacation has come to a close. The kids have retired their video games and carefree living (not willingly), at least until the weekend. I am sure today at school that their little minds are swimming in a fog of daydreams. They are yearning for the hours when their nimble little fingers can once again caress the tender buttons which-with concentrated skill not seen in any other daily activity- unlock the next level of SuperMarioPokemonZeldaFossilFighterrScribblenautEpicYarnBros. Until then, another song (click the video player at the bottom of the post to listen as you read)...

The very thought of you and I forget to do
The little ordinary things that everyone ought to do
I'm living in a kind of daydream
I'm happy as a king
And foolish though it may seem
To me that's everything

The mere idea of you, the longing here for you
You'll never know how slow the moments go till I'm near to you

I see your face in every flower
Your eyes in stars above
It's just the thought of you
The very thought of you, my love*

*Music and Lyrics by Ray Noble

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  1. Too true! It's funny how those DS's are popular for a time then they learn to forget about them and THEN a break comes and they are once again addicted to them. They CAN be addicting, while confiscated I tried one out and had to have the hubby confiscate it away from ME