Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Work It, Baby

I used to think that child labor was an abominable act of torture against innocent little humans. That was until I realized how irresistibly adorable they are when they have a broom in hand. Not to mention, they are essentially helpful in maintaining the order of the household. And, developing a strict work ethic in their infancy instills in them a lifelong sense of unwavering responsibility.

For those of you with a broken sarcasm radar who might happen upon this post, please be assured that no children were harmed in the development of this post. And I do not condone child labor- in the true meaning of the term ( but not in the way my children throw it around). The Baby truly loves to clean. And, I truly love finding things for her to clean.


  1. Every little helps.

    Found you from the weekend mag at studio30plus.

  2. You are hilarious! Your drawings are incredible!

  3. I am a HUGE supporter of child labor. I turned out OK and my Dad was famous for the white glove and clean for another hour then I'll be back era.....
    My son was obsessed with vacuums when he was little.

  4. wow! I wish I could "like" this post facebook style. I like your style, lady.