Monday, February 14, 2011

Odd Couple

I came across this pair during a visit to the Toronto Zoo three years ago. I watched as the giraffe kept in step with the goose- following her, shadowing her. Not stalking- but walking alongside her. They traveled together along the perimeter of the enclosure, pausing every so often to take in the scenery and inhale the warm summer air. There were other giraffes there and there were other geese. But, they stayed in their own groups- never mingling. This lovely pair seemed to belong to one another. An unlikely coupling, but there they were.  And, here is their story.

Goose and Giraffe loved each other even though they were impossibly different. Goose was prone to bouts of anxiety which led to fits of frantic honking and erratic wing flapping. Giraffe, so gentle and mild, was prone to long periods of complacency which were followed by an urgent need to make a change. But, they valued each other's companionship and accepted one another's stellar attributes as well as shortcomings. They found a good balance in life together.

Giraffe could reach for things that were in high places; and, he could change a light bulb without the need of a ladder. Some days, he, also, needed to reach Goose who might be teetering off the edge of the roof having become overwhelmed with life in general. He always managed to calmly, quietly, patiently talk her down from her hysterics and hush her honking. "I am here for you. We are in this together."

And, Goose, who was keenly aware of her surroundings, and who had the memory of an elephant, could always help Giraffe find the items he had misplaced (which happened a lot). She was, also, his voice of reason when he would declare, on a whim, that he was quitting his job as an Information Technology consultant to join the circus or the PGA. " You can't quit! The world will suffer without your talents!"

Yes, they were an odd couple. But, love often comes in unexpected packages. And, when you find it, you ought to hold onto it dearly and treasure it daily.

Happy Valentine's Day, You Crazy Animals!


  1. So sweet!

    goose and giraffe don't sound like such an odd couple to me. in fact they sound quite made for each other.

    now for a laugh, look at and try to find the vlog they made about um, giraffe sex. xoxo

  2. Corrie, OMG!!!!! LOL! I guess given the fact that giraffes are promiscuous makes the idea of a goose and giraffe in love more plausible. Unfortunately, this is also my Valentine's Card to Jeff- I don't want anyone to think that I am insinuating that Jeff loves in true giraffe fashion. Damn, I just texted him and told him to read my blog and I promised there was nothing embarrassing in it.

  3. WOW - You are so talented! I once new an animal odd couple. A St.Bernard and a mini Poodle. They went everywhere together. I also knew a Datschund and a giant white Cat who loved each other so much that after the white cat died the Datschund threw himself down the basement steps and died.... so sad... but HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! ;)

  4. @Jocelyn- Thank you! Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day, cousin. xo

    @Kristen- eh, I don't know if what I do exemplifies talent. I feel like I am just throwing things together. But, thank you! Your Datschund story is so very sad- I'll take it as a cautionary tale not to fall in love with a giant white cat.

  5. Awww..........that's so sweet....Happy Valentine's Day to you too...