Thursday, February 10, 2011

May You Be Snot Free

I don't feel well. Please hold me.

I appreciate that you put me in this comfy bean bag and plopped me in front of the TV to numb my mind of this pain. But, today I don't think watching Jack Black wander through Yo Gabba Gabba land in DJ Lance Rock's jumpsuit is going to make me feel better- even though it is my favorite episode.

I  know that you said that we were  trying  to limit my use of the pacifier since I am growing up. But, do you think  just for today I could have it back?  Look how much my head hurts. 

Ahh, that's  good stuff.  I'm just going to lie here and not move. I'm not going to sleep or anything...

Five minutes later.

Wash your hands. Cough into your elbow. Use a tissue to blow your nose.  Don't pick up things off the floor and put them in your mouth. Take your vitamins. Eat your vegetables. Stay healthy, everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Awww. Kisses for the sickie. Winter colds are no fun - but I guess they beat summer colds. At least in the winter you want to be inside snuggled up anyway.