Friday, April 1, 2011

my early birthday gift

As an early 36th birthday present, my Dad took me to see the musical Spring Awakening at The Center for the Arts at UB last night. On so many levels, it was wonderful. It was refreshing to be able to leave the house in a clean shirt spared from the attack of sticky baby fingers. Heck, it was rejuvenating to leave the house, period. My Dad and I never get to spend time alone and I felt so honored at his thoughtful gesture and his wanting to share the experience with me. I had been sharing live theater with my own children for the past 6 years. Although part of me did ache at wanting to bring First Born Son along as I knew he would enjoy the energy and tone of the musical performance, it was nice to engage the perspective of another grown up. And there was a lot of perspective to share. I knew nothing about the premise of the play save for bits and pieces of the musical score. Without giving too much away, the play opens a door to discuss topics related to sexuality- for parents who are attending with their pre-teen or teenage children . At the end of the first act, with the exposure of a female actor's breast on stage- I was certain that  First Born Son would have truly enjoyed this play. Though I might have felt a little bit prudish and covered his eyes with my hand. Who am I kidding? I wanted to cover my father's eyes with my playbill.

It was a fabulous play- heavy and light exactly where it needed to be. And I truly value that time spent with my father, not struggling to produce engrossing items for conversation. Just being there. Present in the moment. Together. And, the best part, was that the father who used to torment me with his teasing- his way of trying to connect with me when I was younger- was tempered. I was expecting, after my experience with the breathing bag mix up at the doctor's office the other day, to at least hear one joke about how it smelled like Old Lady in the car. And, he did not once try to deny his parentage to me and pawn me off as Mr. T's daughter as he did through out my childhood. With April Fool's Day so close, teasing was fair game and he had so many opportunities. It must have hurt him a little to restrain himself. I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for thinking of me, Dad-and for giving me a new experience. It was the best birthday present ever. Oh, and if Mr. T is my real Dad, then that annoying girl in the row in front of us with the fingernails on a chalkboard voice, is your real daughter. May she talk your ear off.

Happy April Pity the Fool's Day Everyone!


  1. What a great present! I'm glad you had fun with your dad and enjoyed an evening out. Now I have to go read about this breathing bag thing. I don't have to temper my teasing, do I? Like you could stop me! Bwahahaha... :)

  2. I always always ALWAYS loved getting to go on "dates" with my dad. We saw Pulp Fiction together. Talk about wanting to cover up someone's eyes.

    I enjoyed your previous post as well. I love that you're such a trollmom... dressing up babydoll and moving it around the house? FULL OF WIN!

  3. Happy Birthday!!! You must be a fantastic person b/c my sister in law who is equally amazing shares your day! Try to relax!