Tuesday, April 19, 2011

brain freeze

It's really not that I don't have anything to write about. There are the stories of how I (very, very, very) accidentally injured First Born Son's family jewels; and the tender moment with Princess Commando discussing death, God(s) and the afterlife; and, The Baby's middle of the night proof of language acquisition; and how I spent my hard earned birthday money on new iPhones for the whole family. But, the kids are on spring vacation this week, which means that I am absolutely not on vacation.  I am sure that by the time this recess comes to an end the children will have delivered many outrageous poignant and thoughtful anecdotes from which I will draw inspiration. Until then, I'm pressing the pause button. For those of you who also have children home on sabbatical, my deepest sympathies and sincerest wishes for your continued endurance.


  1. Haha.. a Mommy's work is never done it seems!

    Now I know how my mother felt on our March School breaks! Ha ha ha. Now it makes sense why we were encouraged to play outside so much!

  2. Hah! "...hard earned birthday money". Love it!