Friday, January 17, 2014

a new series on the blog

When others use words like industrious, creative, independent, resourceful, determined to describe your child in moments of “challenging” behavior, do other less flowery characterizations run through your brain? There’s no question that you love your kid. But are there moments, days even (okay weeks) when you find yourself asking, Why is my kid such an a**hole? Does your child’s behavior leave you feeling alone- stranded on an island under siege by someone who isn’t tall enough to ride the big rides at the amusement park?  Do you find yourself  Googling Why are three year olds (or whatever age afflicts you) such a**holes and then subsequently, shamefully enjoying momentary validation when your search returns articles which are actually titled, Why 3 (or whatever age) Year Olds are A**holes?
This is Princess Commando at 3 years old.  She was being an A**hole that day.  I don't remember what she was so pissed about but she was saying something like, "You'll be sorry!"  

On Monday, I am launching a new series on the blog titled, A-hole in One. But I need your help.  I want you to share your anecdotes and your epic tales of the moments- the weeks- when you questioned whether or not your child* was an a**hole. And I will illustrate your stories. Please share the ugliest, most frustrating, most challenging, most OMFG, why isn’t there a PPS (Parent Protective Services)?! stories (it helps to make us all feel better about our own little a**holes).

If you have pictures- especially of the highlighted moment- please feel free to send those along too. If not, I will use one of my kids to stand in for your child (chances are one out of the four will be fulfilling the role that day). I will change names, when requested.

Please, send your stories to  And please feel free to repost and share.

Remember- those things that make them challenging will make them great people one day. Until then, rest assured you are not alone.

*By child, I mean under 18 years old. 

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