Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Perils of Daydreaming

At the end of winter, on the days when the rain floods the earth and spills into the basement, and I can count on two fingers how many times we've left the house in one week, we daydream earnestly about a more temperate time. Of balmy breezes. Of bare feet in sand. Of tanned skin. Of scavenging for beach glass. Of sunshine.

An old digital "painting" from a photograph of the kids at Hanford Bay, NY

But, sometimes I fall into my reverie a bit too hard and cause myself a migraine. The world turns gray and I land on the couch with  a case of the vapors. Those are the days when The Baby, who has for months fulfilled her promises of napping, decides to retract her guarantee of a few mind-free, hands-free moments. As the pressure swells in my brain so do her destructive tendencies. By the raucous clanging and thumping from upstairs, I can hear that she is dismantling her crib. And, I know that all hope has departed for a few minutes of recovery.  I bring her to the living room with me where I hope that she will "play." But, she does not. She, instead, perches on my stomach and incessantly pokes me in the face. And laughs. 

When I take to the floor to find a quiet way to amuse her, she whines to be brought back to the couch. She is cute. But, she is not cuddly. Or sympathetic. By the time my triptans finally kick in, she is as calm and as peaceful as a little lamb. She becomes a focused scholar- absorbed in stacks of board books, not wanting anything to do with me. Someone needs to tell the little brain that she has things all backwards. To which she will probably reply, "Are you certain that I am the one who has it wrong?"


  1. :) LoL at the poking of the face. Babies make me laugh. I can only imagine how difficult it can be though, when you aren't feeling well and still have to be a trooper for your family. Worth it, I'm sure, but still difficult!

  2. That is awesome! I can just see her doing that to you, not just because you drew it but because I've had a niece and/or nephew do that to me at some point or another. I love those simple glimpses into your life.

    Btw, I wanted to email you about doing a drawing of Bailey, but I don't see an email address on your blog. If you can email me at, I'll send you some pictures for you to ponder on.

  3. Looks like your having some fun

  4. that's awesome. my baby is equally unsympathetic. it's true that the world revolves around them, the little ones!