Monday, October 11, 2010

Your Face Might Freeze That Way

H, after reading my entry about him and viewing the accompanying image, permitted me to use the unflattering sketch of him with the stipulation that I add an image later on that made him look less "special." He was worried that people who might happen upon these representations might think there is something seriously wrong with him. I think that's reasonable request considering he may be the only person kind enough to spare the time to read my entries. So, here is an attempt at a more fair likeness of my second born. He has given me his blessing to post it, saying, "Better. Much better." It really doesn't do him justice. His features are quite striking and where ever we go, strangers approach him about his fabulous hair color. I think he finally realized that all photographs I store of him- those beautiful and those laughable- are subject to be rendered by my pen into illustrations. This reminds me of when my mother used to warn me that if I made an ugly face, the wind would blow and freeze my sour expression forever. I don't think that I've ever met a family who makes more faces than mine does. So, I've given him the admonishment that if he continues to make those, as he calls them, "special" faces, his expression might set like that eternally (at least on a digital file that I can use to embarrass him later on when he is acting particularly prickly).

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