Wednesday, October 13, 2010

From the Days of Pen and Paper, Old Musings #1: Care Bear Scat

I found an old notebook that I had kept over the years to record anecdotes about my children. This entry was originally written on 03.21.05 when Princess Commando was 2 1/2 years old.

A few weeks ago Princess Commando had her second ear infection in two months. She was stirring in the middle of the night with a fever; so, I brought her two purple, grape flavored, children's acetaminophen tablets. I left the light off in her room, so not to rouse her any further. Of course, I could not see what I was doing and one of the tablets fell out of my fingers before I could get it in her mouth. She was already laying back down upon her nest of Care Bears- so I didn't bother fishing for the tablet, figuring it would be okay if she found it when she woke up.

The following morning she came into my bedroom with a concerned look on her face. She informed me that there was "dirty"in her bed. Sometimes "dirty" was just a piece of fuzz; so, I dismissed her worry and brought her into my bed to snuggle.

Later, while I was in her room helping her get dressed, she pointed to her bed, "See? My bed's all dirty!" I examined her sheets and, sure enough, the purple tablet I had dropped the night before was crushed into a fine powder. "Oh, what happened here?" I feigned surprise. To that, she answered quite definitively, "The Care Bears did poopies in my bed!" And that is how I learned that Care Bear scat is grape flavored and it takes your pain away.

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