Monday, June 25, 2012

she knows how to dance

She dances to anything
the cardinals conversation in the treetops
a firetruck's warning cry
The Dog's wagging tail
She dances on tiptoes
on window sills
on table tops
But she especially knows how to
d  a  n  c  e    o  n   m  y   l  a  s  t    n  e r  v  e
She wakes earlier on the days
that she knows
her father and oldest brother are away
and I am shorthanded for help
She wakes in an ornery state
She throws her toys
before the first bite of breakfast passes her lips
She asks for cookies
I tell her, No.
She yells, Stop being a crabby. Stop being a brat!
and she falls to the floor
You go hos-pit-a-bal! she demands
I'm not that far gone
No hospital, I deny the suggestion of emergency help
No!! Hos-pit-a-bal! she insists, louder this time
I let the word seek a spot in my mind that is not simmering
and when it cannot find a place to take purchase
I know
that my brow has been too furrowed
my teeth are grinding
my shoulders are tight
We have a staring contest
She knows how to dance on my last nerve
but she is also gifted in dancing back into my good graces
She cocks her head to the side
assessing my countenance,
Her eyes brighten and she says...


  1. Beautiful Amy, don't they learn quickly how to make you smile? and a lovely illustration, great top down effect - but I've been away and may have missed the answer to the following - why does she want to go to the hospital?

  2. Thank you, Julie! She wants ME to go to the hospital. I'm not sure why- maybe because she thinks I need to be fixed- because I must look like I am losing my mind with her :-) When she says it, it sounds like hospitable- like she is telling me I need to be more warm and generous.