Sunday, June 17, 2012

fatherhood is kid lickin' good

my brother grooming his son at a family picnic

my father attempting to groom my first born son at the same family picnic
There are exceptions, of course. The Mr. would never lick one of our kids- not for a trillion dollars. That's probably why, when I asked the girls what they wanted me to illustrate for their Father's Day card, they came up with this. 
Of course, they wanted it to say I Love My Daddy. But I kept thinking about this t-shirt. Anyway...

The Mr. is the yin to my parenting yang. 
If I am the Wang Chung, he is the Wu Tang.
He is the yes to my no. 
If I am the stop, he's the go. 
When I am the ebb, he is the flow

My kids are so lucky that he is their dad.

Have a kid lickin' good Father's Day!


  1. :) Spit on face mmmm. lovely tribute Amy.

    1. I know- it's gross. But somehow I find it more appealing than looking at someone else's kid with junk all over his face.