Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Send Off for Sendak

Inspired by one of my favorite Sendak stories, Pierre

Like so many children, I was raised on the imagery of Sendak, Silverstein, Wilkin, Tudor, Potter, Fujikawa.  As a child, I believed that when I grew up I would find the places they created. I was so stricken by my anxiety that I could not enjoy my own world. I longed for their atmospheres of fantasy, of whimsy, of harmony with nature and with others, of lessons learned in safe places. Their visions on paper filled me with hope- for what, I cannot quite remember. But its funny that now when I share their work with my children, I feel the same hope projected onto them. It has come into focus as I've gotten older. Hope for dreams, for pleasure in life, for mischief, for adventure, for merriment, for exploration, for the blossoming of talent, for a little light that always glows in the darkness, for simplicity, for commonality, for individuality. As an adult, I am coming to understand that what I really wanted all along was a sacred space where imagination and creativity always reside. I strive to honor that place in my life daily in my own work, in my own illustrations.

I am so grateful for the insight and artistry of others whose work- even after death- continues to inspire a spark in young minds.

Rest in peace, Maurice Sendak.

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