Monday, May 7, 2012

Did you ever wonder where all of those dandelions on your lawn came from?

I have a little sprite
When I take her for a walk
she drops to the ground 
at the sighting of an ant or a potato bug
On her stomach, 
she flattens out on the pavement
with her little pointer finger 
she manipulates his path until she has him where she wants him
in just the right position to gently pinch him off the ground
She cradles him in her palm
rocking him like a baby
then she lets him explore her arm 
until he swan dives into the grass below
She does this every few feet
A new ant
The same little arm
It takes us a  l  o  n  g  time to walk around the block

And then she spots dandelions
"I pick them!" 
Did you ever wonder where all of the dandelions on your lawn came from? 
She loosens their anchors in the soil
knowing that she is allowed 
unlike the tulips she longs to pluck- the neighbors will not mind
She does not see weeds
She sees pretty flowers
that flit and flurry with their silky strands 
when they are blown upon with just the right breath
With a whisper she spreads the fine seed
sending them off with her wishes
She propagates their billowy cover
dappling the lawns of our neighborhood
with innocent invocation
with good intentions. 

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  1. Oh...such a different world with a small child, I love coming here to remember and to slow down and smell the roses.