Wednesday, February 8, 2012

that's no place to hide your dinner


  1. Oh my, poor thing!! I love the line, "You've been Chinese Crested!" Hilarious! Did she really hide her dinner in his hair? LOL

    1. I do feel badly about waiting so long to get her groomed. It costs a fortune and inevitably, by putting it off, she has to get clipped down to nakedness. We do give her extra cuddle time though and occasionally she will even let us dress her in one of the kids' old t-shirts. Ruby likes to stand under Violet's high chair at dinner time because Violet sneaks food to her. But most of the food that she is tossing down lands in Ruby's coat. She seriously had a full bowl of macaroni and cheese hidden in parts of her fur one night. It was like glue- matting her fur. When Ruby is in full bushiness, she is no longer allowed to hang out under the high chair (while Violet is in it)- but she is welcome to clean up afterward.

  2. Haha, I used to hide food in my pockets and flush it down the toilet as a child, but that's a good one! ;)

  3. That's so beautiful Amy.
    We didn't have a dog when I was little so I had to 'eat' my peas (which I hated0 last and go outside and spit them under the house.

  4. I bet she felt so good after having all that food encrusted hair shaved off - at least for a minute or two before the naked shame set in.

    I used to love grooming my dogs. I always felt so accomplished afterward. Now I have a dog that doesn't need haircuts, but I'm terrible about brushing the poor thing.

    As usual, I love the artwork. When are you going to illustrate a childrens book?