Tuesday, January 3, 2012

home alone

The older children returned to school today. It was so quiet this morning- it was as if they had not even been confined in the house for ALL of their winter holiday vacation. With the usual players missing, it was easy to become confused by the change in circumstance:

In reality, the only thing the morning silence fooled The Baby into was sleeping in. I checked on her at 9:00AM and she was still sprawled out in her bed- arm and leg through the crib bars, mouth pursed in a perfect cupid's bow. Part of me was drawn back toward the door- "If she is sleeping, you can get some work done. She'll never know you were here." But another part of me- the part which is much more vulnerable to the lure- the kitten softness, the tenuous threads and the baby's breath of the fleeting moments of toddlerhood encouraged me to stay by her bedside. "She won't be still or mild or peaceful like this when she is awake. Drink in this image a little while longer and let it fill your maternal reserves. Draw upon this vision when she tests your patience later on."

She was actually quite congenial today. I am sure she was happy to have her Mom-meeeee all to herself.


  1. Violet the Stripper! Oh Dear!!!
    But she is such a cutie. Love her up while you can!

  2. @Wheatgerm: I like talking dogs,too- especially the ones that are talking in my head:-)
    @Auntie: Jeff prematurely dusted off the old potty seat (by dusted I mean bleached and disinfected it) and brought it downstairs. I wasn't planning on 'potty training' her until after her birthday. But as soon as she saw that thing- the diaper was off. And potty training has begun. She's doing really well. We are using marshmallows as an incentive (that's all I had in the cupboard to bribe her). At the rate she is 'going' (in the potty) she will be the Stay Puft Marshmallow Kid by the end of the week.

  3. I would have stayed too. I'm guilty of accidentally waking my babies up at night when I go in to check on them - I just can't resist kissing those soft cheeks!