Friday, January 13, 2012

don't take your kids to the pet store

The following piece of paper was presented to me after a trip to the pet store on which Princess Commando accompanied The Mr. It appears he let the girl linger a little too long in the reptile aisles.

My Killjoy Mom response:


  1. @ Stacey- Thank you. She wasn't too happy with it. She ended up sulking in her room for the night.

  2. I haven't been to a pet store in years

  3. Hilarious. I do admire her initiative. Thats' a smart cookie you have. And yes, reptile carry salmonella on their skin. So you have to wash your hand constantly. Plus they do not cuddle. And- good rebuttal.

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  5. Omg Amy.. you crack me up everytime. "How are you going to enjoy your lizard when you are stuck on the toilet?" Probably the best reason I've ever heard in my life for not getting a lizard. *locking away for future reference*.