Friday, July 29, 2011


My sister is visiting from Las Vegas with my nephews, Gus (3) and Lu (14 months). Ahh, it is such happiness to have my family all together.  We have been fantasizing about what it would be like to have the 7 cousins together, especially the toddlers. We shared a vision of them falling into play- kindred spirits- dancing side by side to the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song. The theme song played, they took turns dancing-just not together. They are toddlers. They do not play together. They play beside one another- only crossing into the other's space or consciousness if the other has food in hand. 

 Last night we all gathered at my home. Gus and Lu found the toys without too much trouble and it was as if The Baby was seeing these objects for the first time (hello, they have been in the corner of the living room in plain view. We have been trying to get you to play with them for months). There were little bodies running to and fro- bumping into furniture and each other. "She knocked me down like a bowling pin!" Gus declared when The Baby collided with him. Oh how I long for my sister to move back home (The ball is rolling, she is applying for teaching positions here). I long for the title Aunt Amy to truly mean something to Gus and Lu. I need someone to spoil (especially since The Mr. and I are devoted to working diligently to un-spoil our overindulged children). I don't want Gus to only remember me for my ripped leather couch (that our late dog, Oscar shredded with his claws in fits of anxious pacing) which pinched his leg. "Aunt Amy, I hate this couch!"  He exclaimed. Me too, Gus. 

When their energy could no longer be confined within the walls of my home, we set them loose in the yard. In our quick set ghetto pool, Gus and Lu demonstrated their newly acquired swim survival/ self rescue skills ( I could not find an exact link to the program they use, but you can Google Swim Survival Academy). 

The toddlers briefly waded in the inflatable whale pool. The Baby was sly. She helped Lu into the pool. She enticed him by crouching down low in the water, swirling her hands in a hypnotizing manner until he started to drift under her spell. And then she popped up and splashed him in the face. 

Fool him twice and he's outta there. But, not before she christened the back of his head with water.

We have a little more than one week left with them here. I know that it will go by quickly. And that is okay as long as my sister receives some glimmer of a job offer and we can welcome them back home for good. 


  1. AW... I never fully apprecaited the way I felt around a mess of family until I moved across the country from all of them. I'm slightly envious that you get to spend that much time in a full house!

    We just had Scott's cousin and her hubby come down for a week (the first people we've had come visit us out here) and the week went by UNBELIEVABLY fast!

    Enjoy the rest of your time together!

    P.S. your little girl's splash attacks make me laugh!

  2. the babies are so cute! they are killing me with their chubby legs.
    the family time sounds so nice. neither of us have family in WA state. it really bums me out at times.

  3. @ Melanie and Emily: I cannot imagine being away from my family. Buffalo leaves a lot to be desired. But, we chose to stay any way because this is where my family is (the majority anyway) I feel so fortunate that we've been able to plant our kids' roots here- so close to their relatives. I know that my sister has been feeling the pull to move home since Gus was born. They have a good network of friends (also all transplants from western ny) but there is nothing like family, the good, the bad, the sometimes ugly of it all:-)

  4. hello, i've just found your blog. I love the illustrations in this post and the babies are so so cute and adorable.

  5. these illustrations are stunning!! and i love seeing them next to the photos :)

  6. Made my day, those little legs, adorable faces, cute cheeks and your narrations! Missed you! Glad to be back to normal here....

  7. @Kimia: After browsing through your gorgeous, breath taking art work, I am so humbled and honored that you took the time to comment on my work. Your talent is amazing. I will definitely be returning to your blog and web site frequently.

    @Kristen: I am so glad that you are back. I missed you, too! You have been in my thoughts- as I imagine your family settling into your new home. I also think of you every time one of the cats pees on the basement floor- bc I recall your panic in the middle of the night, convinced you smelled cat pee:-)