Thursday, February 6, 2014

you know, dog

Dog, each morning you wake me
with  Ready- or- not- here- I- come inexhaustible exuberance
mattress quaking, bed sheets lifting and twisting under your dancing paws
Get up! Get up! Get up! Aren’t you happy to be alive?

I look at you and where others might see
a nuisance
a waste of space
a lost cause
a drained bank account
an inevitable heart break
I see beauty

From the familiarity of your not so fresh breath
the worn leather of your nose
the scar from a wound incurred in a former life
the spindly legs
the musculature of your haunches
the great white shark jaw
the glassy marbles in place of eyes
the batty ears that smell of earth
the wag, wag, wag of your tail
the fur of feathers and wisps pungent like wet carpet

You have become one of the most beautiful things of my day
Because you know,
you know when to stop your spinning antics
with that rope toy in your mouth
You know without me uttering a command
to drop everything and settle your body next to mine
Your countenance changes
You know
before a tear even begins to well
that my love meter is down
You know
what my humans overlooked
that I just need a little warmth pressed against me
a reassurance
Someone to have faith in me
When I don’t have faith in myself
You know, dog
you know what symbiosis is all about
this give and take
this loving one another wherever, whenever, no matter what

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