Monday, May 13, 2013

for h on his 14th birthday

When I asked Henry what kind of cake he wanted for his 14th birthday- he answered, 'Just white.' And did he want me to decorate it? 'No. There's something about a plain, white layer of frosting that makes me happy.' Simple enough. Like me, Henry is introverted and often misunderstood because of his quiet tendencies. He prefers to spend time thinking rather than being in the thick of doing. He likes to keep things simple, not fussy. But beneath the sober exterior, there is a depth and capacity to feel, understand and connect with people and ideas which surpasses that of his peers and even some adults we know. Plain, white frosting inspired a plain,white birthday card. Just a piece of paper folded in half. But because he is so much more than simple and plain, this is what is on the inside:

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