Friday, December 7, 2012


These have been days of getting nothing done
My heart is twisted into a Gordian knot
tangled in needs vs wants
pining for light
and jolly- merry
holiday cheer
yet soaked in
a stickiness
which strangles a sigh
'bah humbug'

My little mouse was curled upon the couch
so uncharacteristically still and silent
Worried that she was falling ill,
I checked the forehead
the belly
the chest
the ears
the throat

'Mommy, I'm fine.
I just want to snuggle you.'

The pinch in my tangled heart
leaned toward the inclination to remain
the thief
stealing more time
Just one more minute.
I'll be there.

But they do not wait
They stretch and grow
and no longer fit
into the wee corner of the couch
When mother beckons
they serve just desserts
I'll be there in a minute, Mom.
I'm busy.

I looked at my little mouse curled upon the couch
I folded a blanket around our bodies
She put her little arm around my neck
her copper head on my shoulder
sighing sighing sighing
in a way which made
all the lights on the tree
come into focus
The Gordian knot began to unravel

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