Friday, October 26, 2012

a view from a window

Occasionally, The Mr. likes to send me pictures of the view from his desk- a view which overlooks an idyllic corporate campus.

I, in turn, share pictures of the view from my desk which is now located in the front room of our home.

Fridays are trash and recycling pick up days. With my desk tucked away in the back of the house for the past four years, I never knew how many interesting people passed through our street on Fridays. There is the well dressed older African American gentleman with his smooth jive walk and tidy cart- confidently strutting down the street with his aluminum can booty. There is the tall, long grey pony-tailed guy who wheels his bedraggled lady partner around in their cart- loading it up with salvaged loot until only the top of her dusty, curled head peeks through. And then there is the guy above- so determined to get that last plastic water bottle on the bottom of our recycling tote that at one point he had his entire body in there- feet pointing straight in the air. I'll take these characters any day over the corporate campus.

What does the view from your window look like? I would love for you to share a picture and, perhaps some words to go with it for next Friday's post. If you would like me to share your snapshots on this blog, please email me: Include your name and the name of your blog/ website, if you have one.

Have a great weekend!

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