Monday, August 6, 2012

swampy brain

For weeks my mind was like this:

running, running, running. I had a creative explosion. It felt good. It felt like I had direction. An example of my direction- illustrations for a picture book that I've been holding onto for three years. I had the words- which were alright- but it wasn't until the pictures came into focus that I knew where I wanted to go with it.

But, then the temperature started to rise and stick around 90 something degrees with air that felt like breathing through a dry sponge. My fibromyalgia started to flare up so that each joint felt as if someone was turning screws. I was a wooden door swelling against its hinges and frame. When it gets like that, the pain embogs me and renders me bootless. At its worst, which was this past weekend, I laid down in front of a box fan which sputtered out the only air circulating in our living room. Eww, I was crabby and stuck. I wanted to shoot something.

 And my brain got all swampy, slimy, gross. 

I challenged The Baby to a whine off. I won.

Today weather has loosened its oppressive hold. Slowly the screws in my joints and muscles are loosening. The doors aren't sticking. Hopefully, opportunity will be knocking on them soon, and I will be able to walk right through. 

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  1. I can never get over how long it must take you to illustrate so much!! I love it.. how long will your book be available for? I would love to buy it for my future children. <3