Thursday, March 15, 2012

spring cleaning

Our March weather-so far- has been golden. Perhaps it is only a mere trailer for the summer movie yet to be released. But, it is a gift all the same. Warmer temperatures and sunshine urge the windows open, tempt the children outdoors and illuminate the early buds and blooms. But flowers and children are not the only things basking in this March glow. The dust, the dog hair, the mislaid bits and pieces of this and that from here and there tend to make their presence known a little more loudly in the spotlight of the sun. As I go room to room collecting, discarding, and organizing I realize that we had been a little bit lazy in our upkeep of the house this winter.

I hope the weather is treating you well wherever you may be. 


  1. Amy this post is so great! the illustrations, the rhyme i love it! ps: im still waiting for spring to arrive, so i still have an excuse to delay the spring cleaning :)

    1. Thank you , Julia. It was definitely a weird winter. We had not had nearly as much snow as we should have had. My body is still in that mode of waiting for winter to arrive- for hibernation to begin. But, I am more than happy to switch gears if it means we will have continued 70 degree days. Despite my best efforts to clean, every surface is slowly starting to take on new forms again. Oh well, I tried.