Friday, October 14, 2011

planet of one ape

Happy Friday!


  1. All I can say is that I KNOW one day soon, I will say - I KNOW HER!!! Amazing illustrations. Amazing!

  2. This one is great, Amy!!

    Oh man...the hand in the diaper. I so remember that!!!
    Love the illustrations. Ditton what Kristen said:)

  3. Thank you, Jen! Violet has been good, so far, about keeping her diaper on. But each of the older kids had discovered how to undress and unfasten their diapers (while carrying a heavy load) at Violet's age. I do brace myself, each time I go into her room to retrieve her from her nap.

  4. Amy, I think I say this every time, but you're brilliant! Have you ever written or considered writing a children's book? I would be the first in line to buy!!

  5. Thank you Melanie! I've started many children's books- but haven't been able to get them anywhere near where they would need to be in order to submit (my favorite so far has been Mitsy, the Dinosaur Cat- which is based on our polydactyl cat- the one with extra toes- and how the little girl who receives her as a gift misinterprets the word polydactyl- to mean pterodactyl. She imagines that this odd cat is going to attack her while she is sleeping. In an obscure way- there is a message about accepting people (or cats) who are different and how our perceptions do not always match up with reality). I am planning on continuing to work on 'Living with a Toddler is Like...(living in a zoo- or something like that)- from the older sibling's perspective. But, I have to figure out which age group I would be targeting.