Friday, June 24, 2011

baby wrath

While it is never wise to underestimate the power even the smallest of children has on the world around her, it is always good to know where her loyalties reside. And, we can delight in the fact that for a few short years we can fall back on our ability to manipulate those attachments.
If you knew her, you would know that there has never been a day when her voice has not been heard- when her vote has not been counted, when she has been overlooked. She is definitely a force which commands attention and which directs this household. I would never withhold her "precious" from her no matter how many times she soaked me with a garden hose, or a cup filled with bathwater, or a sippy filled with milk. She is too smart and I am sure that she would rally her baby troops and descend upon me in a weak moment to retrieve her lovey. That would just be too cruel.

Stay dry, Everyone! And Have a Great Weekend!


  1. Haha! Violet seems like a character. I like to imagine that ceci is one too. She seems to have strong opinions already. BTW, I watched you're brother's video on youtube and laughed about it for days after. Maybe character runs in the family.

  2. That cracked me up.. and I totally read "precious" in that creep lord of the rings voice. haha.

    I can't wait to experience the wrath of my own baby someday. Haha.