Friday, January 28, 2011

The Baby Turns One

12 months of Violet
My baby turns one today. She is our last baby (unless someone sees fit to bequeath their child to us). All of her firsts have been both occasions for celebration and bittersweet reminders that this will be the final time we will observe such beginnings. Of course, I become wistful and sappy when remembering the day she was born. I was five days overdue and had resigned to the idea that I would be pregnant forever. But, she decided that in the middle of the night, during a good old fashioned Buffalo blizzard, that she was ready. My labor and delivery was unremarkable except for the fact that it was intensely fast and, at the same time, quiet and serene.  Under a full moon, on a Thursday (just like H and Princess Commando) we welcomed her, Violet Emily. She was the crowning golden thread which completed our family’s tapestry. And, it felt as if she had always been with us. How had we gotten along for so many years without her?

 In the very beginning of the pregnancy, there was a slight scare and I was sent for an ultrasound, “just to check on things.” As the tech waved her magic wand, there it was in the dark shell in which I carried her, the unmistakable, first, bright flickering of her heart. There is not much else to see at six weeks, just all heart. And that is what she still is today (all heart). I could sing the praises of her wonder, her joy, her love all day. But, instead I will just share some recent pictures and eat birthday cake.

She kept chasing Princess Commando around the living room. And, each time she would stop at the same spot and "talk" to me with her hands and her little baby babble. The first picture is my favorite because she kept putting her hand over her heart, ever so dramatically, as if she was saying, "Mom. that last run almost gave me a heart attack!"

Violet is obsessed with noses. Ruby is obsessed with fingers.

  Princess Commando is squeezing the love right out of her.


  1. Please wish Violet a very very Happy Birthday....and please pass on my hugs and kisses to the cutie...

  2. Thank you, Cat. I will. It really turned out to be a wonderful 1st birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Violet! =) May this next year only bring more joy.