Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Tooth Fairy Pen Pal: Letters from November Part 2

If stuffed animals are given magic powers to talk to us or act like real animals- they might eat us.

I should have expected that one magical letter per month from the Tooth Fairy would not suffice. Again, I am glad that she gave me warning when she whispered in my ear upon settling in after school yesterday that she left another note in her Tooth Fairy box. I don't expect that this will end any time soon. If she is anything like my sister, she will be 11 years old when the rug is ripped from beneath her at a family dinner and her whole world will crumble. Until then...

I realized when I was posting this that I had remembered to erase her name from the letter from the Tooth Fairy, but I had neglected to erase her name from her own letter. Anyway, she's still Princess Commando as far as this blog is concerned.

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